Let’s Buy Korea is a trade agency based in Seoul, founded by the French CEO of Ma Petite Corée, successful B2C business launched in 2015. Bolstered by our experience, our Korean partners and our startup vision, we are willing to provide qualitative products from South Korea to our foreign clients.

Our motto? Be flexible for our clients by fitting to their needs.


Here are our commitments to you:


Our business is based on strong relationships with our partners. For you, it means that you get the best prices on our products. It also allows you to get access to an after-purchase service and to OEM options. We selected our partners for their experience and for their business ethic, so you can also rely on the quality of their products.


    Because we are a startup, we know how difficult it can be for small companies to get the products they want, at the right price. We went through the same hardships, and we are eager to help you achieve your goals so we will try to fit to your requirements. 

    Transportation and custom clearance

    We commit to offer the best prices and safety for your products, and to provide all the require documents regarding the destination country.



    You are looking for a specific product from South Korea? We are here to help. It has been eight years now that we are working and developing our network here so we can probably find what you are searching for. Fill in the contact form here and we will reply to your inquiry .

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