Our shipping fee are fix, whatever the quantity you order the price will be 13.9 USD per order using fedex Priority (2 to 3 day delivery)

We ship worldwide

To update your shipping address, simply login into your account and update your information by clicking edit on the shipping information tab. The change will be reflected immediately.

Please note that all address updates must be made befor the shipping date.

To make sure that your order arrives safely to its destination, our partner, Fedex  will send you  a tracking number by email. You can also track it directly from your account.

If an item arrives damaged or is missing from your Beauty Box, please contact our customer support team and we’d be happy to resolve your issue. We would need a photo of the damaged item with your submission to process your request.

Validity of a damaged item will be at the discretion of the support agent.

Any damages to the boxes or the packaging of a product will not qualify for replacement if the content is undamaged.

Due to inventory changes, any issues must be reported within 7 days of receiving your box. Replacement items will be shipped out in the next shipment once confirmed by the support agent. If we do not have the missing item in stock, credit will be applied to your account instead.

This, unfortunately, can happen when an address is incomplete or has been erroneously input on the buyer’s side. If the box has been sent back to us due to a mailing mistake on the customer’s end, we will ask you to pay for the reshipping cost.

We also cannot reship a box if we do not receive it back. However, if the mistake has occurred on our end, we will accommodate to ensure you receive a new or re-shipped box without any further costs.


We do offer promotional boxes for review, but they are limited to a certain number that we can send out, monthly.

If you are interested in sharing our product with the world, please contact support. Please include the name of your blog, monthly statistics and other information that could help us make a decision. Please make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • your site or channel is related to Korean culture or beauty.
  • your site or channel is established and has consistent views online (unfortunately we cannot work with brand new accounts).
  • you are able to verify that you are the owner of the site or channel, either by email from a certifiable email address or messaging directly from your twitter, Facebook or YouTube account.


We want to help! Contact our support with any questions you still have and we will reply as soon as possible!