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Moncross Foldable Mini Fan T2200P


* Model: T2200P
* Size: 230*115*43mm
* Components: Body(T2200P), 5-pin USB Charging Cable
* Colors: White, Pink, Blue
* Charging time: approximately 3 hours
* Operating time: approximately 4 to 5 hours
* Weight: 172g
* Material: ABS, PP
* Broadcasting and Communication Equipments: R-REI-trn-T2000F
* Safety Confirmation Number : ZU10618-17001



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1. Design of a desktop standing fan

2. Built-in 2000mAh capacity battery

3. Design with hearts shape at the end of the body

4. Convenient portability with ergonomic curves

5. Turning it clockwise can be used desktop standing fan

6. Wind power can be adjusted in three gears

7. LED lights come in according to wind volume

8. Non-slip pad for non-slip use with stand

9. There’s a lock on the side. It’s safe to carry with bag

10. Electromagnetic and safety certification registration products


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60 PCS / 1CTN / 10k


T2200P, 5pin USB Cable


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