Moncross Smart Wireless Charging Diary S

* Model: TSD 4000 SW

* Size: 190*120*27mm

* Battery Capacity: 4,000mAh (wireless charging available)

* Material: PU leather quilt

* Color: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange

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1.You can charge your mobile phone with a charging cable on the back. (There are lighting 8P, TYPE C and micro 5P cables to charge)

2.The Diary Battery Check button shows a green light as the battery amount remaining in four stages..

3.The charge time for the diary is 4-6 hours.

4.Pockets are built in to hold memos, business cards and ballpoint pens, etc.

5.Your can charge your Smartphone by placing on the cover.


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30 PCS / 1CTN / 3k


Body, Charging cable, USB, Wireless charger


Available if MOQ is reached