Moncross Wireless Rotating Cradle Fan

* Model: T2600S
* Size: 245*160*70mm
* Components: T2600S, Rotating Cradle, 5 pin charging cables
* Colors: White, Navy, Pink
* Weight: 286g
* Material: ABS, PP
* Broadcasting and Communication Equipments: R-REI-TRN-T2600S
* Safety confirmation Number: ZU10618-18001
* Patent application: 20-2017-0166488
* Utility Model Application: 20-2017-0006268

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1. High-capacity lithium battery 2,600mAh is conveniently charged and long operating time (approximately 8 hours)

2. Available in 135 degree rotating function with cradle

3. Residual battery Check LED: Korea’s First Residual Check function

4. Adjustable with the three gears wind power

5. Built-in USB charging cable (using 5P cable)

6. Registered in Samsung fire&marine insurance


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40 PCS / 1CTN / 10k


T2600S, Rotating cradle, 5pin USB Cable


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