OKA Cool Guy Sheet mask Pack (Set of 10 mask sheet)



  • INTENSIVE & SPECIALIZED FOR MEN – Total care mask that gives vitality to tired masculine skin. It protects the skin from irritation after shaving, helps to prevent trouble by relieving sebum and sedation, and provides a cooling feeling.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Based on US EWG standards, we use only ingredients that are green grade, making it safe and mild to use for all skin types as well as sensitive skin.
  • 100% CELLULOSE CUPRA SHEET – Made of high-quality materials extracted from cotton wool, it contain more than twice the essence of the same amount of the other products. It is well ventilated and has excellent adhesion.
  • AROMA ESSENTIAL OIL SPICE – Based on the concept of mask, it contains aroma essential oil, a natural ingredient. So you will experience a feeling of healing and satisfaction with aroma therapy during usage.
  • EFFEST OF 1 BOTTLE OF AMPOULE – Contains 27ml of highly concentrated essence, it is possible to care not only face but also neck and body part.

Set of 10 mask sheet

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