Tonic Hydrogen Mist Water Therapy

* Model: TH600
* Main body specification: 120*45*20mm

* Water tank capacity: 12ml

* Battery capacity: 3.7v, 600mAh
* Charging method: Micro USB

* Charging time: 1hour / Operating time: 2hours and 30minutes

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1.This mist turns pure water into hydrogen water by ionizing it.

2.It provides moisture to dry skin with alkali hydrogen mist anywhere and anytime.

3.It converts water molecular units into finer detail than pores to penetrate deep into the skin.

4.It removes active oxygen in the skin and helps prevent oxidation.

5.Semi-permanently available mist.

6.A medical BIA analysis sensor allows you to measure and analyze your water content with APP.

7.After measuring in APP, There’s function that informs the required moisture content and tells the required water replenishment time and operates them.


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