Tronic Folding Fan T3000

* Model: T3000
* Box size: 70*40*184 mm / Product size: 62*29.5*176 mm
* Rated voltage: DC-5V-2A / Type C charging cable
* Built-in Battery: Li-ion 2,600mAh
* Charging time: 3 hours / Operating time: 10 hours
* Power consumption: 5W
* Colors: White, Pink, Navy
* Material: ABS, aluminum, magnetic

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1. One button allows you to control three wind speeds.

2. White LED when operating, fully charged and Red LED when charging

3. IC Protection design based on new technology

4. Portable electric fan optimized for long camping or outdoor use with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries (2,600mAh)

5. More enhanced brushless motors to create a rich and powerful wind  


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50 PCS / 1CTN / 10k


T3000, Metal Plate, Strap, C Type Cable


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